Companies that buy ugly houses all around the United States of America. Have you ever wished to sell your house or that house that is unsightly and unmaintainable? If so, seek the companies listed below that can buy an ugly house in cash. If you travel to Florida or New York, you will notice that we purchase unsightly house banners and billboards everywhere.

The cash buying option is perfect for house sellers then keep scroll down and find out which companies are best for you to deal with it in cash.


In the USA various realtor companies available who are deal with old and ugly houses with cash on hand which we can mentions below.

companies that buy ugly houses


Upnest is one of the realtor marketplaces where Ugly house owner lists their house and deal with it. Upnest gives a good deal to their buyers and sellers users and communicated as well. Upnest users saved lots of amounts when dealing completely through a marketplace. When you using upnest for ugly house selling keep in mind always preferred licensed authorized agent chooses.

Upnest best qualities are that it provides all over countries every zip code.

We Buy Ugly Houses

We buy ugly houses is one of the famous marketplaces for those people who are want to sell their house in cash and an individual owner. We buy ugly houses gives franchise owners have to contact their nearest agency to sell their house in cash.

I Buy Houses

I Buy Houses is a marketplace that connects people like ugly houses sellers with real estate investors or those who want to buy old ugly houses. Deal with an investor is completely up to on house owner inspection to negotiate with amount everything is up to on house owner. There is very little chance every buy have to contact you after submitting your selling house information with I buy houses.

Easily upload house listing over online and Ibuy houses have an entire USA-based network. But there is a bad thing is that anyone signup as an investor over the website which is pretty not sure they all are real investors or not.


We Buy Ugly House sister company homevestors is an online platform and provides service all over the USA and business run based on franchise-based. Homevestors have close the deal in three weeks maximum and Ugly house sellers get the repair cost of their house approx 55%.

Marketpro Homebuyers

This marketpro homebuyers is available in 4 states only so here are only four states that can get a chance to sell their ugly house “VA, PA, MD and Washington DC” states available. Marketpro homebuyers offer to seller owner free moving service, which means it is worth service if you live in VA, PA, MD, and WDC, you can get the best service.

We Buy Houses

We Buy Houses is more than reliable than private local real estate investors because We Bu houses issues give exclusive license for their investors based on their areas, With we buy houses brand name use investors can get easily approach who sell their ugly house and buy easily. House deal closes in 7 days period of time also no need to worry about repairs and other expenses.

Sundae Real Estate

Sundae is a real estate marketplace where sellers and real estate buyers or investors connect with each other. If you look out for other marketplaces this marketplace gives the best deal and a higher chance to deal with the property owners.


This opendoor is an excellent alternative for those house owners who wish to sell their unattractive house for cash quickly and reliably. Opendoor offers are based on conditions and are below the property’s market value, but for those looking to sell their home quickly, this is the ideal option.

Zillow Offers

Zillow offers is real estate platform and it is much easier to list and connect with buyers and investors but it is fees are higher than others due to their popularity. Zillow offer gives the best cash buying option for ugly houses seller and required cash.


House seller who wants close the deal fast way to others but offer pad put the restricted purchased agreement sign before close it also they have bad reviews received because of their hidden fees. People suggested go to ibuyer or we buy ugly one for best deal crack.


The benefits of a free listing are numerous. Houzeo has several real estate investors and unsightly house buyers accessible, all of whom are willing to pay cash. The service is available throughout the United States, and it provides and closes deals over listing platforms with minimal fixed monthly fees.

Traditional Way Sale Ugly House

Traditional sales like you can put a signboard front of the house, give ads on newspaper, hire real estate agents, referral through but it takes long way time to sold-out your properties and gets the lesser amount as well. Currently, many companies we talked about above take lesser charge and sell a house quickly on cash.

How Much Cash For Ugly Houses Get?

It completely depends on how big your ugly houses and location are if your ugly house is an urban area and a good location then its higher chances to get a good amount of cash on hand rather than rural area houses properties.

Sell Ugly House On Cash Is Good Or Bad

Remember that the people and companies who offer to buy your house for cash are buying it intending to sell it to a pinball machine at a profit. They are finders who sell contracts for the house for a fee and then sell it to a wholesaler. There are also big property companies such as We Buy Ugly Houses and property investors, which offer cheap cash deals on houses of all shapes and ages and resell them at a higher price

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