Tufted headboard gives extra charm to your bedroom interior and it is also useful things to give rest to your back while sitting on the bed and doing read, watch television, and conversion with partner or else it is gonna useful. Choosing the correct tufted headboard design can give relaxation to your back also eye catchy objects too. The headboard has comes in multiple colors, sizes, designs, patterns, and styles which increase the bedroom interior charm.

If you are searching for something soft and cozy kind of upholstery headboard then choose a tufted one and get back it from an old wooden hard headboard which sometimes hurts on the head. archdez team brings out 10 special design headboard collections which you can choose for your new design bedroom or want to transform an old one into a new one.

Tufted Headboard Inspirations Options

Choose always with your color choice and comfortable to your budget as well.

Tufted Black Headboard With Diamond Design

Tufted headboard bedroom idea

This black color headboard with diamond design pattern over bed support. A modern design diamond texture with side rails support both sides of headboard along soft upholstery cushion. Matte finish charcoal black can combination it is look with cozy bedroom interior design which loves black and white or charcoal touch in their interiors. Available in popular sizes like king, queen.

Black Tufted Notched Headboard With Crystals

Classic Tufted headboard bedroom idea

Notched design headboard can give king looks with this black color diamond texture headboard include diamond coated design feels you extra ordinary. It is perfect for couple who wants to renew their newly married bedroom interior they can choose this notched design headboard to perfect comfortable gets.

Square Black Extra Soft Tufted Headboard

In lowest cost this tufted headboard gives premium looks and increase the charm of bedroom interior next level. This charcoal black extra soft gives your back rest feel like cloudy. A complete couple of headboard rest which you can install individually. Available now over amazon.com and wayfair.com

King Rolled Top Tufted Headboard With Square Design

Tufted headboard bedroom idea

From topside roll-out and crystal button fixed to give cushion design and comfortable even. Available this headboard with bed and individual also over the online marketplace. Choose the color of the headboard as per the interior design theme and color combination. There are commonly light brown, White, And Black usually chooses by own design interior if you can hire some professional interior designer they can choose as per your comfort and requirement of theme.

Floral Tufted Headboard

Floral print tufted headboard this can give extra ordinary design in bedroom and this kind floral print wallpaper or headboard design most of female if they have own design their bedroom choose this floral print headboard to get more beautiful.

Upholstered White Queen Headboard

Tufted headboard bedroom idea

Curved style headboard transform your board bedroom interior to modern interior with proper color combination of wall and other furniture like wardrobe, bedroom recliner, rugs and side tables which can increase the charm of beauty bed headboards.

White Upholstered Headboard

White Tufted headboard bedroom idea

This white headboard gives who loves white interior design at their bedroom or in house, you can setup a other dark color around it like rugs, chairs, study table or chairs something can choose dark to get contrast color of design. Bed backside wall can charcoal or other dark color that can reflect your personalities.

Green Velvet Upholstered Tufted Headboard

Diamond Tufted headboard bedroom idea

A dark green color entire bed include headboard with diamond texture design give a premium luxurious interior give into the bedroom when entered. This headboard design and color most of used on villa, big house bedroom or in luxurious hotels room with queen and king size of couple bed.

Extra Tall Upholstered Tufted Headboard

Extra tall headboard with side support comes with ivory color, Attached with bed include it does not come with individual this tall headboard suitable which have short ceiling area which can touch the ceilings. Upholstered design with a classic button or crystal button to gives premium design.

Short Upholstered Headboard

Tufted headboard bedroom idea

A wooden frame with classic simple cushion headboard that is support to your head or back while rest it. This headboard much perfect for individual or single person bed to better cozy feeling.

Pink Tufted Headboard With Diamond Pattern

Pink Tufted headboard bedroom idea

A single female wants their bedroom interior for their favorite color this pink headboard with diamond texture give relaxation feel when use it.

Channel Tufted Headboard

Vertical channel headboard with crystal fitted over border to give premium touch finish, you can choose individual and attached headboard with bed options which is available over wayfair and amazon websites. Most of channel pattern headboard choose by couples bedroom interior by professional or own design.

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