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Since the release of Dunki, Shah Rukh Khan’s much-awaited comeback film, directed by Rajkumar Hirani, has been on everyone’s lips. Fans are longing to once again see their superstar on the big screen, and many have been keeping a close eye on this film’s box office collection. 

Though competing with Salaar starring Prabhas, partially shot in Telugu and partly dubbed into Hindi, Dunki still made a promising beginning at the box office. Here, we will talk with you about the box-office journey of Dunki. We’ll take a look at its first-day and second-day collections. It would be interesting to find out how audiences responded to this movie, which is being released on the same date as Salaar.

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Day 1 Dunki Box office collection

On December 21, Dunki hit theaters and was warmly received by audiences. In which the theme is illegal immigration, this film took in a huge Rs 30 crore on its opening day alone, demonstrating just how popular Shah Rukh Khan still remains. It was an impressive collection and a reflection of the star power before his comeback and the anticipation surrounding it. Dunki may not have been Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest release, but it defied expectations and drew viewers in huge numbers.

Day 2 collection of Dunki and Salaar Clash

The first-day collection of Dunki was startling, but on its second day, the movie suffered a small downturn. Which was still a respectable Rs 22 crore, even if it did fall short of the opening day. It was due to the slapdash release of Prabhas’ Salaar. The latter created a huge hullabaloo, giving Dunki stiff competition at the box office. Salaar took in Rs 95 crore on its first day, upstaging the gross earnings of Dunki and setting off a battle royale.

Salaar’s Impact on Dunki Collections

Dunki’s box office collections were clearly impacted by the clash with Salaar. Dunki is facing an uphill struggle due to Salaar’s strong performance and huge opening-day receipt. But Dunki is still standing its ground, especially in major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru; it’s just that Shah Rukh Khan has lost his appeal. In the midst of all this, Dunki managed steady collections and found audiences even among traditional Hindi strongholds.

Day 3 and beyond

On its third day, the collection at Dunki rose sharply, with box office receipts estimated at Rs 28 crore. This was a good sign for the film, that it has positive momentum once again and can gather larger audiences across different regions. Although Dunki’s collections were less than those of Shah Rukh Khan’s previous hits Pathaan and Jawan, the film steadily maintained itself throughout its run as well as thanks to it being the holiday season, there is hope for a better future.

The key is audience response and word-of-mouth

When Dunki opened, it received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. The film was well received for its moving storytelling, comic touches, and Shah Rukh Khan’s sunny portrayal. However, some people thought that the film lacked both impact and depth when compared to other films by Rajkumar Hirani. Even with the mixed reviews, Dunki got some positive word-of-mouth and audiences enjoyed its heartwarming story of friendship. It’s a pretty ordinary theme but one that hits home in terms of chasing your dreams. Dunki vs. Salaar: The Battle of Titans

The clash between Dunki and Salaar has not only impacted the box office receipts of both, it’s generated off-stage action. Dunki’s team is reluctant to screen Salaar side-by-side, which speaks of the competitive edge these two films have. With both films still running in theatres, popular taste and word of mouth will have an important influence on their futures.

A box office clash the battle of titans between Dunki / Salaar is a spectacle for the senses with fans on tenterhooks to find out which film reigns supreme.


How much is the total collection of Dunki?

₹103 crore Over the 3 days in India, Life of Pi grossed ₹49.32 crore net and earned a worldwide total of 103 Crores.****

Is Dunki a blockbuster movie?

In spite of the competition from Salaar, Dunki did quite well at the box office. It is still playing in theatres but seems sure to enjoy a long run at box offices everywhere, providing Shah Rukh Khan with yet another successful year in 2023 and it’s no wonder he remains one of Bollywood’s undisputed powerhouse stars.

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