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Australian cricketer & captain Pat Cummins has become known in the world of cricket for his stellar bowling and brilliant performances. Currently it is sold Rs 20Cr in IPL 2024 and Cummins is not only recognized as a talented actor; he has also made enormous amounts of money over the years. 

Early Life and Cricket Career

Cummins was born in 1993 in Westmead, Sydney, Australia. He displayed early promise as a cricketer. He soon became a rising star, making his international debut in 2011 at the age of only eighteen. With his ability to bowl right-arm fast, plus accuracy in line and length of delivery, Cummins quickly became one of the world’s best Test bowlers. As a player, he also proved his hand as a lower-order batsman.

Pat Cummins Net Worth Family & Wife

Pat cummins married with his long time girl friend Becky Boston and both have a one kids.

Sources of Income

Pat Cummins’ net worth mainly comes from his cricket career. The net worth of Pat Cummins is $45 million. He gets a high income as an international cricketer, playing for the Australian Men’s Cricket Team and New South Wales. Moreover, Cummins has taken part in the Indian Premier League (IPL), signing salubrious contracts with different teams. He has played for the Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad in India’s IPL.

IPL Salary

Cummins received a major boost to his earnings when he was picked up by the Sunrisers Hyderabad for an astonishing Rs. 20 crores at the IPL mini-auction in Dubai. This meant that he was one of the highest-paid players in tournament history. He had also received hefty salaries in former seasons, such as Rs. 7 crore for the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2021.

Endorsements and Brand Value

Besides income from his cricket, Pat Cummins also earns a considerable amount through brand endorsements. Because of his popularity and success in the sport, Cummins has become a much-demanded figure for all sorts of brands. His endorsements add to his already hefty earnings and form a significant part of his net worth.

Net Worth Growth

Pat Cummins ‘net worth has increased rapidly over the years. During this time, his net worth has increased by 170 percent. This sudden accumulation of wealth is the result of his consistent play on the field, endorsements, and rising brand value. A dedicated and hard worker, Cummins has earned himself a comfortable financial situation.

pat cummins networth


Pat Cummins’ assets also reflect his net worth. He has a fabulous house in Westhead, Australia, worth about Rs. 20 crore. He also has property in several foreign countries, which further adds to his overall wealth. He recently bought $9.5 million of villas at sydney.

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Average Earnings and Remuneration

In terms of average earnings, there is no doubt that Pat Cummins ranks among the highest earners in cricket. His income is between Rs. 16 and 18 crores INR. That is his IPL salary, match fees, and so on. His compensation testifies to his great talent and place among the elite in this game.


The story of Pat Cummins, with a net worth estimated at $45 million, is the ultimate example of how hard work pays off. Cummins is among the world’s best-paid cricketers, having had a stellar career both on and off the field. His increasing brand value, endorsements, and investments ensure a bright financial future. Pat Cummins is an inspiration to sportspeople, proving that hard work and intelligence combined with commitment can help achieve not only sporting glory but financial prosperity.


Is Pat Cummins a bowler?

Australian international cricket player Patrick James Cummins, born on May 8, 1993, is the national squad captain in both Test and One Day matches. As a right-arm fast bowler with exceptional length, line, and accuracy, he is considered one of the all-time greats in test bowling.

In the IPL, who bought Pat Cummins?

Pat Cummins moves up to the second-most expensive buy in the IPL 2024 auction. And bought by Sunrise Hyderabad. Pat Cummins, an Australian fast bowler, became the second-most expensive player in Indian Premier League history. Following a fierce bidding war between SunRisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Chennai Super Kings, the World Cup 2023-winning captain was sold to SunRisers Hyderabad for Rs 20.50 crore.

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