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Once again running over the box office is Ranbir Kapoor’s latest crime epic, ‘Animal’. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, this movie is gaining much interest, and there are no indications that it will subside even after one week in cinemas. As for Animal’s box office collection, it’s unbelievable; it is still hitting records and exceeding expectations.

Animal 1 Week Collection Phenomenal Box Office Performance

The first week of Animal’s Week has been outstanding. The animal movie grossed around 338.85 crore within the first week alone and is easily considered among the most successful films of 2023. Let’s take a closer look at the day-wise collection breakdown:

Day-wise Collection Breakdown

  • Day 1: In total, there were 116 crores earned by animals globally, of which Rs 64 crores came from India.
  • • Day 2: This saw the collection increase as the film made 236 CR from the world box office and around 130 from India alone.
  • • Day 3: The animal grossed Rs 356 crore worldwide and that includes Rs 201.53 crore from India where it has continued to improve.
  • • Day 4: The film had a total worldwide gross revenue of 425 crore including 241.43 within India alone.
  • • Day 5: Animal earned more than Rs 500 crore globally, with over Rs 283.74 crore coming in from India alone.
  • • Day 6: Its global collection hit Rs 527 crores with Rs 312.96 cores in India.
  • • Day 7: Worldwide, animal collected more than 550 crores, of which the Indian box office contributed Rs 338.85 crores.

Global Box Office Success

Unlike any other movie, the animal has captured not just the Indian market but also the global one with tons of love in it. The movie has been especially well-received by American, Australian, and Gulf audiences. Its worldwide gross box collection is now beyond Rs 550 crores.

Animal’s Box Office Comparisons

It is no surprise that animal’s box office success places it among the top grossers. Let’s compare its collection to other notable releases:

Surpassing Previous Records

Being the third place of highest worldwide collection in week one, animal, collected Rs 333,85 crore surpassed Jawan and Pathan. In the given period after release, Jawan earned Rs 661 crores and Pathan managed to make Rs 630 crores.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Biggest Hit

Another record that has been established is linked with the success of the animal, especially with Ranbir Kapoor. The movie is yet to surpass the record set by Sanju that accumulated RS, 586 crores at the global level and now it has become the highest grosser among other week openings.

Plot and Director

The movie revolves around the delicate relationship of Vijay, played by Mr. Ranbir Kapoor, and an estranged father who is portrayed in the same movie. Animal is a movie directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, whose previous film Kabir Singh focused on the same issues related to masculine pride.

Controversy and Criticism

However, it had controversies as a film. It has been criticized by some who feel that it promotes dangerous masculine idealism and violent tendencies. Some social media users claim that the movie is misogynistic. However, the movie cast and crew claim that it is a representation of these characters’ stories and emotions.

Cast and Characters

Ranbir Kapoor leads a stellar ensemble cast in Animal. There are also other important characters played by Anil Kapur, Bobby Deol, and Rashmika Mandanna. Moreover, the chemistry between Ranbir Kapoor and Tripti Dimri, who play vital roles in the movie, has generated a lot of interest.

Future Prospects

The film has been one of the most successful, with Animal’s phenomenal box office performance suggesting that it will also be highly profitable in the future. At this point, it should continue ruling the ticket counters till Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki comes out, on December 21st. The tale of the animal is captivating while the performances are stunning with the potential to remain imprinted in minds long, after.


The animal managed to earn its place among the top box office performers in only one week! The act of Ranbir Kapoor and the director of Sandeep Reddy Vanga has moved many people into the world. Irrespective of the controversy that has been associated with the movie, one fact cannot be denied; the movie proved to have a strong run at the box office and will likely leave a significant mark in the industry.

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