Fastest to Reach 4000 Runs in ODIs

In One Day Internationals (ODIs), a batter’s performance is determined by how many runs they score. Runs are indeed the best measure of a batter’s performance in the entire cricket sport. Batters who score a lot of runs are high-value performers and get more opportunities, as they directly help the team win matches. Apart from this, the strike rate of a batsman is equally important which is like the runs scored every 100 balls.

Importance of Batting Milestones When Fastest to reach 4000 runs in ODI

Individual batting milestones are highly valuable achievements in cricket, and they are used to measure the performance of the batsmen and their contribution to the game in general. Reaching 4000 runs in ODI cricket requires consistent performance gradually and quickly. It may sound contradictory, but performance needs to be there in the long time and the short time run. Batters who achieve this huge milestone portray their abilities to score runs in all situations and the fastest possible.

Cricketer Who Hold Record Holders

HM Amla (SA): he was known as the classiest and calmest man known on a cricket field. He became the fastest batsman to 2,000, 3,000 4,000, and 5,000 runs in ODI cricket milestones. He achieved the incredible fastest 4000 runs in an ODI milestone on 8 Dec 2013.

Babar Azam (PAK): He was the second fastest player to score 1000, 2000 and 4000 ODI runs. He achieved the milestone fastest 4000 runs in an ODI on 29 Mar 2022 in just 82 innings. He is known for his captaincy which showed progressive thinking combined with modern strategies.

IVA Richards (WI): Richards’s strength was his being one of the best front-foot players. He achieved this massive milestone of 4000 runs in an ODI on 14 Apr 1985 in just 88 innings. SD Hope from West Indies holds the same record in the 88 innings, but he achieved it on 8 June 2022.

JE Root (ENG): Root was not a consistent heavy scorer, but he grew eventually moving up the ranks little by little. His systematic approach as the young batsman that he is was to never let his wicket loose easily. He achieved the milestone of fastest 4000 runs in an ODI on 29 September 2017 in just 91 innings.

Virat Kohli (IND): As ambitious as he is, Virat Kohli became the next big player in India with a huge worldwide following. He has broken so many records and the milestone of the fastest 4000 runs in an ODI wouldn’t really be far away. He achieved this on 19 January 2013 in 93 innings.

Factors Contributing to Fastest 4000 Runs

Batting Technique:

A player needs a good tried and tested batting technique. Good footwork to position and balance on the pitch is also very important. These combines allow the batsman to move and dodge or play against different kinds of deliveries.


Batsmen need to be consistent in scoring runs in each match to ensure the teams’ win. Consistent 50s and centuries help in reaching this milestone more easily.

Physical Fitness:

Good physical fitness is a much-needed criterion to be able to achieve batting milestones. Running between the wickets, hitting sizes and fours require strength and stamina.


Looking ahead to this 4000 runs milestone, it will continue to emerge and evolve as a measure of performance. With constantly changing rules and strategies, situations, batsmen need to adapt and push against all to achieve and surpass this milestone. The 4000-run milestone is and will be a reminder of the excellence of the players who constantly produce the best results through their performance for their team wins.

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