Hardik Pandya Bowling Speed

No matter if you love cricket or not, you might have already heard the brilliance of one of the greatest all-rounders from the Indian cricket team, Hardik Pandya. Loved by the majority of Indians, the happy-go-lucky cricket celebrity has blessed cricket fans with some excellent performances.

Hardik has attained attention at different events because of his mind-blowing performance in the field. Being an all-rounder, he carries out his perfection in the field elegantly. But he often prefers to bowl and there has not been a single moment he disappointed his fans.

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Hardik Pandya: What Role Does He Have In the Team?

Hardik Pandya Bowling Speed

Being an excellent bowler and batter, Hardik is an all-rounder player for the Indian cricket team, often considered an aggressive bowler and batter. He is considered a great all-rounder even on an international level.

For Hardik, fast bowling and hitting sixes is not a very big challenge. His caliber is not limited to just bowling or batting, but he is an excellent fielder as well.

His skills in all areas make him among the best all-rounders. Pandya has represented the country in different match formats and given an excellent contribution in the field. With dedication, hard work, and consistency, he has come a long way towards victory and fame.

Hardik Pandya Bowling Speed Details

Hardik Pandya Bowling Speed

As we mentioned earlier, Hardik is both a great batter and bowler. His bowling style includes right-armed, fast-medium-paced bowling. The player, as a bowler, has represented the Indian cricket team in different match formats.

The fastest ball by Hardik crossed a speed of 140 km/h whereas his average bowling speed is 138.7 km/h. Compared with other bowlers from the Indian team, it is relatively less. But because of his excellence in batting and fielding, he is still a popular image from the Indian cricket team.

Match FormatTotal InningsTotal OversTotal WicketsTotal EconTotal 5WTotal BBI
Test Matches19156.1173.3815/28

Best Bowling Performance: Hardik Pandya

All players have days when they play exceptionally well and days when they don’t. We have listed some of the best performances by Hardik in different match formats.

Hardik started his journey in the ODIs in 2016. Since then he has given excellent performances in the ODI matches. His best performance till today is considered to be the match of 2022, July. He bowled 4-24, against England and impressed with his exceptional bowling.

Hardik Pandya Bowling

Apart from his great bowling in the 2022 match, he has reflected his caliber as a bowler. In the match against India and Sri Lanka (2023, Asia Cup finals), he again proved his brilliance on the cricket field.

Another highlight from Pandya’s Cricket journey is his 2016 debut against New Zealand. In seven overs, Hardik effortlessly took three wickets for 31 runs, which is impressive. And let us not forget here, this was his first ODI debut.

Balancing The Roles

Hardik Pandya, being an all-rounder from the cricket team, gives importance to finding a balance to both his exceptional skills of bowling and batting. His approach to progress continuously in the domain is that of a turtle rather than a rabbit, report the media channels.

Final Thoughts

Hardik Pandya, an Indian Cricket player, is among the most celebrated players on the team. No doubt, it is because of his outstanding performance on the ground.

The player being an all-rounder is fluent in all three skills of cricket, i.e., batting, bowling, and fielding. While Hardik is flawless in everything he does on the field, he often prefers to give a chance to his bowling.

He is a right-armed, fast-medium-paced bowler, with an average bowling speed of 138.7 km/h. His highest recorded bowling speed is 140 km/h. He has given a few impressive performances as a bowler.

Today’s story ends here, we’ll meet again with a new and spicy story from the cricket world. Till then, comment down to know which cricket player you want to read about.

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