Babar azam vs rohit sharma

Babar Azam vs Rohit Sharma these two cricket captains are at the top list of people who want to know about them. In cricket sport, there are many great captains. There is a player on every team who is a little stronger and more versatile than the players on the other team. But it keeps changing with time.

Today through this article we will tell you the comparison between Pakistani captain Babar Azam and Indian captain Rohit Sharma. Both players are counted among the best players in the world of cricket, but we are going to tell you a comparison between them based on their records and matches.

The captain is one player who leads an entire team making strategies and moving it country’s cricket team-winning situation.

About Babar Azam vs Rohit Sharma

Babar Azam is Pakistan’s top order batsman and skipper. Rohit Sharma is the opener batsman of the Indian cricket team and the new captain of the Indian team. Both of them also have many records in their names which they have made in their entire cricket career. And these records are still growing continuously.

NameRohit SharmaMoh. Babar Azam
Birth placeIndiaPakistan
BattingRight handedRight Handed
OrderOpenerTop order

Is Babar Azam better than Rohit Sharma?

Both these players are naturally talented cricketers. Rohit Sharma is known for his best batting style. But in the last few years, Babar Azam seems to be performing a little better in cricket.

Babar Azam is famous for his intelligence and aggressive batting. Recently we have seen consistently good performance of Babar Azam, while Rohit Sharma is playing well, but at the moment he cannot compete with Babar Azam.

Babar Azam is gradually leaving behind the records of Indian cricketers one after the other.

Recently, Babar Azam left behind Virat Kohli’s captaincy record and he also left behind Virat Kohli’s record in T20I.

Babar Azam vs Rohit Sharma Stats Comparison

Babar Azam vs Rohit Sharma

The stats of Rohit Sharma vs Babar Azam in Tests, T20Is and domestic T20 Cricket are as follows:

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Babar Azam vs Rohit Sharma in T20 Series

  • T20 Debut

For the first time, a player participates in a T-20 cricket match.

Babar Azam started playing T20 cricket for the first time on 7 September 2016 against England. Rohit Sharma also started playing T20 cricket against England on 19 September 2007. Both of them played their first T20 match for and against in September. Same team, England.

  • Maiden T20 Century

Babar hit the ball well and scored 122 runs in a special game called T20I on 14 April 2021. Rohit also hit the ball well and scored 100 points in another game called T20 on 2 October 2015.

  • ICC Ranking for T20 batsman

Babar is good at playing cricket and is one of the second-best batsmen in the world in the T20I format. Another talented player Rohit Sharma is at number 18 in this list.

Highlighted T20 Record

Babar Azam is good at hitting the ball in the T20 World Cup. He scored the most runs ever, 303 to be precise! He is also very fast in scoring runs. Rohit Sharma is also very skilled. He has hit the ball so well in T20 Internationals that he has scored 4 centuries, which is a lot!

PlayerBabar AzamRohit Sharma
Half Centuries2627
All time Best122118

Babar Azam vs Rohit Sharma in Test Match

1) When did Babar Azam and Rohit Sharma start playing Test cricket for their country?

Babar Azam started playing Test cricket on 13 October 2016 against West Indies. Whereas Rohit Sharma played his first test match in November 2013.

2) ICC Ranking in Test

There is a ranking system in Test cricket called the ICC Rankings. This ranking tells us which teams are the best in the world. The team that is ranked No. 1 is considered the best, and the team that is ranked No. 2 is considered the second best.

Babar Azam is at third place in the list of best cricket players in the world and Rohit Sharma is at eighth place for his performance in test matches.

3) Ducks in White ball Cricket

which means when a player does not score any points.

Babar Azam has been out 7 times in Test cricket without scoring any runs. It is called a duck. Rohit Sharma has also been out 4 times in Test cricket without scoring any runs.

Rohit Sharma vs Babar Azam Captaincy Tenures:

In November 2021, Rohit Sharma became the official captain of the Indian cricket team for short matches. He had been serving as captain occasionally since 2017.

In simple words, Rohit has been the captain of the Indian cricket team in 45 T20I matches. This makes him the third captain to serve the longest in this role, with Virat Kohli being the captain in 50 matches and MS Dhoni being the captain in 72 matches.

babar azam vs rohit sharma

In simple words, Babar Azam became the captain of the Pakistan cricket team for short matches in 2020. He has been captain for a longer period than other captains, which means he has had command of more matches. He has led Pakistan in 59 matches of this shorter format of the game.

Babar Azam is a Pakistani cricket player who has been the captain of the national team in the shortest format of cricket called T20I. He has been the captain for a long time, even longer than any other captain in Pakistan.

The previous record was held by Shahid Afridi, who led Pakistan in 44 T20I matches. Babar Azam is also the player who has led Pakistan in most consecutive T20 matches, that is, he has been the captain in many consecutive matches. He has already led Pakistan in 48 matches and still counting.

So, Babar has played more matches as captain than Rohit. But to see who is better, let’s look at how often their teams win when they are in charge.

Rohit Sharma vs Babar Azam Win Percentage:

Babar Azam2019-22593618566.66
Rohit Sharma2017-22453510077.77

Indian cricket team captain Rohit has won 35 out of 45 matches, that is, he has won 77.77% of the time. This is very impressive! Pakistan team captain Babar has won 66.66% of his matches.

Rohit has won more matches as captain than Kohli and he is just six wins away from equaling Dhoni’s record. Rohit has won the title five times in the Indian Premier League as the captain of the Mumbai Indians team. Both Rohit and Babar have played well and shown great leadership skills while leading their teams.

Rohit vs Babar Individual Records as Captains:

Indian cricket team captain Rohit is performing very well in T20 matches. He has played 45 matches and scored an average of 34.41 runs in every match. This is slightly higher than his overall batting average of 31.94. He has scored 1411 runs in a total of 59 matches. Another player Babar has a batting average of 40.43 and has scored 1941 runs in the same matches as Rohit.

Both players have scored two centuries and won five awards for being the best players in a match. But Rohit’s success in winning matches and his performance deserve more attention than Babar’s. It looks like Rohit is becoming one of India’s best captains in T20 cricket.

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