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ICC World Cup is the most important part of cricket. Everyone wants to make the country their name. It is an honor that makes that country the best in the cricket world. In this, many countries come together with their excellent players and compete. Players get many honors after winning the match. But behind all this victory there is a well-informed and talented mind which makes these players worthy of victory.

We are talking about coaches. The success of every team rests on the shoulders of a coach because he is the only person who examines every aspect of cricket in detail and gives a historic victory. Today in this blog post we are going to tell you in detail about the ICC World Cup 2023 coach list.

In this, we are also going to tell you about the roles of coaches, legendary coaches, the challenges that they face, and their legacies, so read the post till the end.

ICC World Cup Coach List in 2023

TeamHead Coach
AustraliaAndrew McDonald
BangladeshChandrika Hathurusingha
EnglandMatthew Mott
IndiaRahul Dravid
New ZealandGary Stead
PakistanGrand Bradburn
South AfricaRob Walter
Sri LankaChris Silverwood
AfghanistanJonathan Trott
NetherlandsRyan Cook

All Cricket Team Bowling Coach, Batting Coach and Main Coach Details 2023

TeamHead CoachBatting CoachBowling CoachFielding Coach
AustraliaAndrew McDonaldMichael di VenutoDaniel VettoriAndre Borovec
BangladeshChandrika HathurusinghaNic PothasAllan DonaldShane McDermott
EnglandMatthew mottGraham GoochNeil KilleenKarl Hopkinson
IndiaRahul DravidVikram RathoreParas MhambreyT Dilip
New ZealandGary SteadLuke RonchiShane BondJamie Foster
PakistanGrant BradburnAndrew PuttickMorne MorkelAftab Khan
South AfricaRob WalterJP DuminyEric SimonsWandile Gwavu
Sri LankaChris SilverwoodNaveed NawazPiyal WijatungeAnton Roux

ICC World Cup 2023 coach details


Andrew McDonald is the ICC World cup coach of the Australian cricket team. He was given the job in November 2021 after Justin Langer resigned. McDonald has a wealth of experience in coaching having once served as the head coach of Australia A and the Melbourne Stars in the Big Bash League. Langer was also an assistant coach to him when he worked with the Australian national team.


Bangladesh cricket team’s head ICC World cup coach is Chandrika Hathurusingha. Russell Domingo resigned from the role and he was appointed to take up the same in May 2021. Hathurusingha is an experienced coach in international cricket and has previously coached Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


Matthew Mott is an Australian native who set foot on England soil as their current head ICC World cup coach. But he couldn’t stay away from his homeland for long, coaching both Big Bash League’s Hobart Hurricanes and Queensland Bulls in Sheffield Shield.


The head ICC World cup coach of the Indian cricket team is named Rahul Dravid. He was appointed to this position after Ravi Shastri resigned in November 2021. Dravid is one of the most accomplished batsmen in Indian cricket history, and he is highly esteemed for his knowledge and coaching abilities.

New Zealand

After Mike Hesson resigned in August 2018, Gary Stead was appointed as the ICC World cup coach of the New Zealand cricket team. Before his role as the head coach, Stead coached Canterbury in the country’s domestic cricket competition and T20I format Black Caps.


A former New Zealand cricketer is now the ICC World cup coach of the Pakistan cricket team. Grant Bradburn played for his home country in several matches. He’s driven teams like the Delhi Daredevils and Canterbury to victory before.

South Africa

The South African cricket team has this man to thank for their recent success. As a coach, he’s a mastermind and a natural leader. Rob Walter is known for leading the South African Under-19 team to greatness before he became their head.

Sri Lanka

A proud Englishman who knows a thing or two about cricket. Chris Silverwood coached Essex in the past, which led him to coach England’s men’s and women’s teams afterward. Now he’s currently the head coach of Sri Lanka’s cricket team.

Changing World of Cricket Coaching

Coaching in cricket has changed quite a bit over time. In the good old days, coaching relied on intuition and experience, usually from past cricketers themselves. They didn’t have any formal training programs, so coaching was often informal. However, that isn’t the case anymore.

Fast forward to today and it’s practically become a science. There are many facets to it now including physical fitness, technical skills, mental conditioning, and tactic understanding. Coaches use top-tier technology like video analysis and data-driven insights to help players up their game. This has led to an all-encompassing approach to player development that’s proven itself to be effective and holistic.

The Role of a Cricket Coach

A cricket coach isn’t just a figurehead. They are a multi-faceted mentor that plays a crucial role in the team’s success. One of their responsibilities is to develop and execute strategic game plans that work best with their player’s strengths and weaknesses. Coaches also spend countless hours refining player techniques, ensuring they’ll be ready for any challenge they face on the field.

However, they aren’t only responsible for technique—they’re psychologists too. They have to understand the mental side of the game and use it to help players manage pressure, build confidence, and maintain focus during crucial moments. Unbeknown to most, their ability to foster a positive team culture and motivate players is critical for achieving success.

Coaching Legends in ICC World Cup History

  • John Buchanan (Australia): Despite being known as more of a figurehead than someone who implemented strategies, Buchanan managed to lead Australia through three consecutive World Cups (1999, 2003, 2007). His coaching style was simple: teamwork and meticulous planning.
  • Gary Kirsten (India): Given his calm and composed demeanor, Kirsten was able to transform the Indian cricket team. In 2011, his guidance played a pivotal role in India’s victorious campaign. The team showed exceptional mental fortitude and teamwork.
  • Duncan Fletcher (England): Despite England’s tough journey, their performance significantly improved under Fletcher’s tenure as coach. He introduced a more professional and structured approach to the team’s training and preparation.
  • Bob Woolmer (Pakistan): Ahead of his time, Woolmer brought innovative techniques and technology to Pakistan cricket. Even though he passed during the 2007 World Cup, he left a lasting legacy. His contributions continue to influence player development.

The Current Crop of World Cup Coaches

With the next ICC World Cup in sight, we have a diverse group of ICC World cup coaches. Each one brings something unique to their respective teams. It’s fascinating to see how they prepare for an upcoming tournament that’s always changing in dynamic and sports demands.

Obstacles for ICC World Cup Coaches

Coaching in the ICC World Cup is not an easy task. There is little room to breathe as they are overwhelmed with stress and competition. It’s hard enough to make sure everyone on the team likes each other, but it’s even harder when you add in star players who have big egos.

One key player getting injured can ruin strategies that took hours to make, and coaches are then forced to create a new one fast.

A Major Influence

The success of coaches at the ICC World Cup extends far beyond the tournament itself. Their methods and philosophies often become part of the cricketing culture of their respective nations.

Future generations of coaches and players draw inspiration from their achievements. The legacy of these coaches goes beyond the trophies they lift; it is seen in the way cricket is played and approached in their countries.


Coaches are considered unsung heroes who shape the destiny of their teams in the ICC World Cup. They transformed what was once a simple game into a science-driven sport.

As we anticipate the next ICC World Cup, let’s not forget to applaud the tireless efforts of these coaching maestros who continue to write their chapters in cricket’s glorious history.

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