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Tabraiz Shamsi is a well-known cricketer who belongs to the South African cricket team. He was born in 1990. He entered the IPL in 2016 and has played for the Rajasthan franchise. He is a well-trained bowler who comes from Johannesburg and bowls unorthodox.

Tabraiz Shamsi has so far been a part of 5 matches in IPL in which he has taken a total of 3 wickets. Whose average overcomes at 60.33 and 9.05 runs.

Tabraiz Shamsi Career and Achievements

Tabraiz Shamsi, who started his domestic cricket in 2011, played the role of a left-arm bowler. Seeing his performance, the national team selectors gave him a chance to join the South Africa Cricket Association. He started performing better in national matches than the way he used to perform at the domestic level.

Tabraiz Shamsi Career

Tabraiz Shamsi is a special type of bowler in cricket who uses his left arm to spin the ball. He is good at swinging the ball in different ways and he can also bowl the tricky ball called googly. He became popular in South Africa when people started appreciating the local spinners, but it took some time for him to become famous.

Tabraiz Shamsi traveled between two places in South Africa and worked hard to become a part of a professional cricket team after performing very well in a tournament. He took a lot of wickets and stood third in the list of best bowlers. He also played in a shortened version of the game where a West Indies team was touring South Africa. He was interested in playing against him.

In 2015, a team called St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots bought a player named Shamsi to play for them in a cricket league called the Caribbean Premier League. Shamsi played well and took 11 wickets in the seven matches played.

The next year, Tabraiz Shamsi got more opportunities to play cricket for a team. He performed well and became the best spinner in South Africa’s important cricket competition. He took 41 wickets and helped his team win the championship. In 2016, he was asked to play for another team in a major cricket league because another player was injured. This was before he was selected to play for his country’s national team.

Shamsi started playing international cricket in 2016. He played different types of matches like ODI, Test and T20. However, he found it difficult to play regularly as his team already had established players. In 2019, he got a chance to play in the World Cup, but after another player retired.

In the summer of 2019–20, he came second in terms of taking the most wickets in the cricket league called Mzansi Super League. He was really good and helped his team, Paarl Rocks, win the tournament. Because of this, he got a chance to play more matches against the teams of England and Australia. People also noticed that he was good at not letting the other team score too many points. This is something that South Africa has always wanted from its spinners.

Tabraiz Shamsi Bowling Speed and Remarkable Records

Talking about Tabraiz Shamsi‘s bowling speed, it is 90km/hr. Batsmen have a lot of difficulty in understanding his bowl, because his way of spinning is different every time, and there is no idea when in which direction he will turn the bowl. Therefore, batsmen play Shamsi’s bowl very carefully so that he does not become his victim.

Talking about his records, he holds the record of highest wicket-taker in T20 International and IPL. This is a commendable thing.

Personal Life and Family

Coming from a very simple family, Shamsi always keeps his family in the highest place. He gives credit for all his work and all his success to his relatives and his family. Despite being a very big name today, he visits his family whenever he gets time.

Goes to meet his family as soon as he gets time. Despite coming from a poor family and becoming one of the best bowlers in South Africa today, Tabraiz Shamsi is a down-to-earth personality. Whenever he meets his family or anything related to his personal life, he keeps sharing it on his social handles.


Talking about family, Shamsi got married just 6 years ago. This is their love marriage. His wife’s name is Khadija she has always supported Shamsi and supported him in all his decisions. Shamsi says that Khadija is as much a partner in his success in his cricket journey as he is. His wife Khadija accompanies him to every match of Shamsi so that he can get motivated and give his best.

IPL Debut and Scores

Tabraiz Shamsi started with domestic cricket and became a part of the South African team. And after that, he got a chance in 2016 to show his performance in IPL. He played as a player for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team.

He has played many matches in his cricket career and his bowling has brought victory to the South African team many times. And Shamsi has performed similarly in IPL also. The record of taking the highest wicket in an IPL season has been registered in his name.



World Cup Score

Shamsi’s bowling variations have taken many crucial wickets, which has benefited the team many times. But apart from this, Shamsi does not get much opportunity to showcase his performance. Shamsi has been a part of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. In so much pressure and different conditions, he can give better performance.

Keeping this ability in mind, Tabraiz Shamsi has been included in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. There are many great players among the batsmen of South Africa, but there are only a few such players among the bowlers who can take the match from close to winning. Like Tabraiz Shamsi. Because Shamsi maintains his performance in any kind of situation, no matter what kind of pressure there is, he does not let his bowling speed reduce.

Test match2


Tabraiz Shamsi’s IPL to World Cup journey has been very inspiring. He is the best bowler. From playing domestic matches to being a part of the South African team and then becoming a part of IPL, it is because of his performance. Due to his best performance, today he is a part of ICC men’s cricket world cup. In the coming time, many new records can be made or broken by Shamsi.

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