ravindra jadeja bowling speed

The puzzle known as Ravindra Jadeja from India is a very fast bowler; he has been the best on the field this year. He is very famous because of his originality and consistency as he has established himself as one of the best spinners around the world. This article will review the interesting career of Ravindra Jadeja to demonstrate his increasing bowl speed and what makes it one of the greatest tools he possesses on the pitch.

A career path and rise to fame.

He started his international career with a boom that showed he could be a talent. He however could bowl very fast which made him different from other bowlers. Initially, there were doubts and criticism against Jadeja’s performances but the critics and haters were swayed by his subsequent performances. To be precise, in 2019, Jadeja became the fastest left-arm bowler to achieve 200 wickets in Test matches. Such an achievement goes to show how determined he was. Moreover, he was the first Indian since Anil Kumble to top the ICC ODI bowling ranks making him an all-rounder extraordinaire.

Ravindra Jadeja Bowling Speed & Style

The most important aspect of Jadeja’s success as a bowler is the speed with which he bowls. It had been difficult not only for the best batsmen but also for others.

The bowling speed of Jadeja is 90mph and that too is so accurate that it is very difficult for the batsman to cope with this speed and accuracy. This makes Ravindra Jadeja more special.

Wickets taken by Ravindra Jadeja

The Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja has left his mark as a bowler amongst the cricketing greats. The player with the magic wand has made 220 ODI victims thanks to his deadly spin and absolute mastery of the situation. However, it needs to be acknowledged that his artistry goes beyond the ODIs, where he leaves more than a bewildered batsman with 51 wickets in T20 Internationals.

But it is Jadeja’s 275 wickets in Tests that will live long in memory. With this, he is a feared bowler who worries veteran batsmen for his turn and bounce-catching ability. This remarkable milestone of the left-arm spinner is a testament to his personal excellence but more than that of his central position in the Indian bowling attack.

Jadeja’s success proves that he is committed, skilled, and a spirit who cannot be stopped by anyone even fans throughout the world. In addition, the cricketing community looks forward to other records that the master of turn will break in the course of continuing with his spell in the crease.

ravindra jadeja bowling speed

Ideal Pace

One of the strengths of Jadeja is the adaption of playing conditions. India has such sluggish wickets which are also suitable for the spin. Therefore, Jadeja’s fastness on air gains a worthwhile attribute. He bowls at a flat trajectory thereby confusing the fielders about the variation that is made towards speed and length. Using this strategy, it becomes difficult for them to utilize their feet or the sweep shot in order for them to score an objective.

Ideal Length

Another important factor behind his success is his accuracy; he also bowls at a fair pace. The batsman has no option but to play front foot as he always lands the ball in the right spot on the pitch. This is because the constant nagging of line and length creates mistakes with batsmen due to repetition. Despite playing on tracks with little or no help, his ability to give batsmen length proves it hard for them to go back at him for easy runs.

Natural Variation

Jadeja is also able to vary his deliveries by making discreet adjustments in line and length, which makes his bowling more diversified. He mainly uses finger spin but has learned how to turn the ball both ways with no change in action or wrist movement. Batsmen never know what they will get. That is why they find difficulty in reading deliveries correctly.

Notable Performances and Milestones

Jadeja’s bowling speed has been instrumental in many outstanding performances throughout his career, which are still notable today. He first made the record of his Test five-for against Australia in Delli in 2013 and then recorded 6 for 138 in a match versus South Africa in Durban. 

During one of India’s tours, his domination lasted as South Africa played against him picking up a total of 23 wickets during the four matches. Jadeja’s brilliance emerged yet again in the 2016-17 home series against England. He is even said to have bagged 26 wickets with 7/48 at Chennai. He also often puts up excellent scores against big teams like Australia which only serves to reinforce his place as a strong bowler.

Overcoming Challenges and Personal Growth

Jadeja’s way to the top hasn’t been devoid of obstacles. He had to battle through a major shoulder injury and also had moments of doubt about whether he was a Test player. Nonetheless, he was persistent and strong enough that, despite the hurdles, he emerged a better person. The story of Jadeja’s personal development beyond the cricket field is just as inspirational. He came from an ordinary family life in Jamnagar, and his first professional years were challenging, to say the least. The fact that he was banned from the IPL for negotiating his salary reminds him of the obstacles he faced. Nevertheless, Jadeja persisted till he had made his mark on the team

Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

The performance of an all-rounder is largely dependent on his captain. He is not forgetting the contributions of Jadeja as an all-rounder apart from the speed with which he did bowl. He has shown his strength as a lower-order batsman in big matches against teams such as England and Australia. Jadeja has often come to show that there is no substitute for ability by scoring five Test fifties and a hundred against England. Also, he is a topflight fielder. Ranked among the best fielders worldwide, Jadeja’s speed and flexibility significantly contribute to India’s team. The result has often been in his team’s favor due to his ground fielding, catching, and acrobatic throws.


It is through his fast-bowling speeds that Ravindra Jadeja has established himself as one of the best spinners globally. His consistency of pace, accuracy, and the fact that he bowls a different type of ball in each over means that he is probably a hard nut even for test match players let alone limited overs batsmen. In addition, his performances against top teams and how he has played as an all-rounder have made sure that he belongs in the cricket community. It will also be interesting in the future as he becomes an established player in cricket bowling, what effect can the extraordinary speed of his bowling have?


  1. Is Ravindra Jadeja a good bowler?
  2. According to Ravindra Jadeja, he used to adore bowling quickly. Quickly put. Among the world’s greatest all-around players is Ravindra Jadeja. His ability to smash late and his spin bowling have guaranteed him a spot in the Indian squad.
  3. What is the average speed of Jadeja?
  4. His average speed has been 93.2, and when bowling the leg-break, it has been 93.9. When he bowls the carrom ball (14 balls), his average speed is 102, and when he bowls the flipper (12 balls), it is 101.8. Only delivery types in which he has bowled five or more balls are taken into account.

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